Colorado Horse Galloping

Arenas, Indoor or Covered
La Plata County Fairgrounds 247-2308
Montezuma County Fairgrounds (Cortez) 565-1000
Sky Ute Event Center 563-4502
Wild Horse Equestrian Center 883-5555 email:
AQHA Quarter Horses: "Temperament, Conformation, Ability" Pat and Clyde James 247-8208
Arabians and Arabian-Warmblood Crosses Kerri Holden 884-5273
Bayfield Livestock and Trading Co 884-9409
C.J.'s Colors - Well-mannered Paints Jayne Entihar 883-2548
Darkwind Miniature Horses 884-4025
Double J Ranch 533-0054
Dream Catcher Arabians 533-9778
Evening Star Sport Horses Jeanne Moody 385-4755
Fawn Creek Fjord Horses Dianna Saleh 884-4171
Ledford Quarter Horses Marshall & Rhonda Ledford 259-3813
Mayday Livery Draft Horses 385-6772
McDonald Quarter Horses 882-4245
Mesa Color Mules Jim Adkins 588-3454
Palmer Quarter Horses  Terry Palmer 247-1694
Ricca Performance Horses Monte Ricca 759-8902 Ricca Performance Horses on
Riddle Arabians 259-0316
Rockin' OK Mountain Raised Gaited Horses Karen & Ottie Otterstein 882-8021
Ron-D-view Mules 563-9270
Snow Woods Morgan Farm Robin and Stan Williams 884-0427
Three Cross Acres Miniatures 565-8042
Victory Heart Quarter Horses 565-7883
Weaselskin Farm  - Iberians Jennifer Thurston 385-4063
Windmill Ranch Ltd. Foxtrotters 247-9521
Clubs & Organizations
AQHA Local Contact (Durango) Kolby Simonson 259-4658 Durango
AQHA Local Contact (Cortez) Si Jarboe 565-3371 Cortez, Mancos
Arabian Horse Club Gary or Mary 565-7605
Cadence Therapeutic Riding Tami Tyner 749-RIDE
Cherable Vaulters Barbara Engel 563-6517
Durango Pony Club Jennifer Thurston 385-4063
Foundation Quarter Horse Club Anna Raubeson 882-7083
Four Corners Back Country Horsemen Biff Stransky 884-4252
Four Corners Cutting Horse Club Chad Lucas 759-5984
Four Corners Draft Horse, Mule & Carriage Association Ron-D-View 563-9270
Four Corners Dressage & Eventing Rickie Swink 749-2886
Four Corners Morgan Horse Club Marj Hoff 563-4395 
Four Corners Outfitters Association Terry Palmer 247-1694
Klettafjalla Icelandic Horse Club Linda McLaughlin 385-1963
Mesa Verde Back Country Horsemen 
Mesa Verde Paint Horse Club Cindy Douglass 382-2698
Medicine Horse Center for Equine Assisted Therapy 533-7403
National Mustang Association, Colorado Chapter Pati Temple
NATRC Lonnie & Terry Smith (505) 334-2001
New Mexico Quarter Horse Association
Polocrosse Association Judy Hendricks 247-3337
Reining activities and clinics (periodic) Jan Brown 884-1755
Reined ("Working") Cowhorse Yogi Bartholomew 385-5808
Rocky Mountain Quarter Horse Association 296-1143
Team Roping Quien Sabe Trading 632-2855
Versatile Ranch Horse Glenn Dorrell 247-4148
Events & Activity Calendars
4CBCH Consignment Tack Sale 884-4252
Bayfield Chamber of Commerce 884-7372
Bayfield Heritage Days (September or October) 884-7372
Durango Chamber & Tourism
Durango Cowboy Gathering 749-2995
Fiesta Days Karen Sims 385-5187 
Four States Ag Expo
Ignacio Town Site
La Plata County Fair 247-2308
Rocky Mountain Horse Expo (303) 292-4981
Sky Ute Event Center 563-4502
Auringer Stan Auringer 588-3859
Carico Gary Carico 247-8685
Earhart Glen Earhart 731-3665 Pagosa Springs
Gold Gwen Gold 946-2807
Goetz Dayson Goetz 385-5279
Martin George Martin 883-3333
Matthews Steve Matthews 385-5924
McCloud: Skye Farriery Molly McCloud 749-5989
McSwain Jon McSwain 731-3722 Pagosa Springs
Mease Jim Mease 264-2993 Pagosa Springs
Samora Johnny Samora 533-7500
Wheeler Mike Wheeler 560-1063 or 1-800-403-2626 
Wilson Clayton Wilson 884-2249
Feed & Farm Supply Stores/ Hay Sources
Agritech 247-3010 29270 Hwy 160, Durango
Basin Coop 247-3066 26103 Hwy 160, Durango
Farmers Supply Mill Con Kemple 247-1780 696 Sawmill Rd., Durango (off State Hwy 3)
Geisinger Feed Grains 565-4311 12185 N. Hwy 491, Cortez
Hay Certification & Producer Index CO Dept of Ag, Division of Plant Industry (303) 239-4149
Hay Growers' List: Horse HOTLine Barb Headley
IFA Country Store 565-3077 10501 Hwy 491, Cortez
Village Feed & Supply 884-4347 39987 Hwy 160, Bayfield (Gem Village)
Horse Care Assistance
Casa Care & Concierge Tess Stransky 884-4252
Close to Home Animal Care Wendy Fielding 884-8018
Josie Lightfoot Animal Care Josie Lightfoot 382-9994
Dressage, Cortez Judith Franklin 564-1042
Dressage Mary Walhoud 882-4204
Dressage Mary Ann Towsley 382-3485
Four Corners Driving School, Pagosa Springs Chuck Baley 731-2431
General Instruction J Bar J Ranch  382-0949
General instruction and show training Judy Rector 563-9389 Teaches at Sky Ute Event Center, Ignacio
General Instruction, Pagosa Springs  Lafferty Stables 731-1046
Meerts Private Training & Instruction Lisa Meerts 946-5922
Parelli Natural Horsemanship, Pagosa Springs 731-9400
Prairie Fire Percherons: Driving, Ignacio Dave or Tracy 903-4060 
Reining, Working Cowhorse, Cortez Monte Ricca 759-8902 Ricca Performance Horses on
Three-day eventing, and gaited horses Helen Guidotti 247-8724
Weaselskin Farm Equestrian Center (Dressage, Eventing) Jennifer Thurston 385-4063
Windwalk Ranch, Durango 259-3122
77 Outfit Sandy Young 247-3231
C.J.'s Colors Jayne Entihar 883-2548
T Bar M Outfitters T Mike Murphy 259-5469
Vallecito Lake Outfitters & Big Corral Denney Schilthuis 884-9235
Back Country Horsemen of America Ottie Otterstein 884-8021
Colorado Horse Council (303) 292-4981
Colorado Horse Development Authority (303) 292-4981
Four Corners Back Country Horsemen Sandy Young 247-3231
Fort Lewis College Equine Sciences at Weaselskin Farm Jennifer Thurston 385-4063
Public Lands Access & Management
San Juan Mountains Association 15 Burnett Court, Durango 385-1210                     
USFS Trail conditions, closures, status Don Kelly, USFS Trails Foreman 375-3309
Stables & Boarding Boarding (B) Overnight (O) Winter Pasture (W) if known
Cherry Creek Mountain Ranch  7053 CR 105, Durango (Hesperus) 588-3704
Gramar Morgans (W) Ignacio 563-4395
J Bar J Ranch  3320 CR 203, Durango 382-0949
Jones Livery, Cortez 20225 CR G 565-9639
La Plata County Fairgrounds (B) (O) 2500 N. Main Ave., Durango 247-2308
Palmer Quarter Horses (B) 4140 CR 234, Durango 247-1694
Saul's Creek Stables (B) (O) 3113 CR 527, Bayfield 884-0218
Sky Ute Event Center (B) (O) 200 Highway 151, Ignacio 563-4502
Wild Horse Equestrian Center 6203 Highway 151, Ignacio 883-2274
Windwalk Ranch 1729 CR 250, Durango 259-3122
Wonuka Farm (B) (O) (Kennel also) 3705 CR 250, Durango 259-8848
Tack & Horse Equipment
Basin Coop 247-3066 26103 Hwy 160, Durango
Consignment Shop at Mountain High Ranch, Ignacio Kerri Holden 884-5273
Farmers Supply Mill Con Kemple 247-1780 696 Sawmill Rd., Durango (off State Hwy 3)
High Country Cowboy Company (Gunnison, will ship) John Mesner 866-441-4222
Hitchin' Post Saddlery, Cortez John Kelly 799-4475 
Out West Saddlery, Pagosa Springs 264-2524
Quien Sabe Trading & Cowboy Pro Shop 505-632-2855 3650 N. 1st St., Bloomfield (btw Aztec & Bloomfield)
Village Feed & Supply 884-4347 39987 Hwy 160, Bayfield (Gem Village)
Trainers, Horse
Double Heart Ranch Hannah & Shon Sinclair 882-5450 
Four Corners Driving School, Pagosa Springs Chuck Baley 731-2431
Meerts Private Training & Instruction Lisa Meerts 946-5922
Prairie Fire Percherons (Driving), Ignacio Dave or Tracy 903-4060 
Ricca Performance Horses Monte Ricca 759-8902 Ricca Performance Horses on
Thorkelson, Dolores Lamoyn Thorkelson 749-8966
Towsley, Mary Ann Mary Ann Towsley 382-3485
Veterinarians: Large Animal DVM:
Animal Haven Clinic Joseph Quintana (505) 325-8829 Farmington Clinic, accepts from all over
Elk Park Veterinary Service Gretchen Pearson 731-6400 Pagosa Springs
Grabbe, DVM Susan Grabbe 560-4054 Cortez, Mancos
Hesperus Veterinary Care Jennifer Kowalski 385-1005 Hesperus, Durango, Mancos
Hufnagel, DVM Ben Hufnagel 946-4550 Bayfield, Ignacio, Durango
Koppenhafer Animal Services Gerald Koppenhafer 533-7768 Cortez, Mancos
Mill Creek Veterinary Jim & Patty Latham 264-6334 Pagosa (Special cases only)
Montezuma Veterinary Clinic Group practice 565-7567 Cortez
Pine River Veterinary Service Harry Baxstrom 884-2617 Bayfield, Ignacio, Durango
Pagosa Vet Clinic John Eustis 264-2148 Pagosa Springs
San Juan Veterinary Hospital Kitzel Farrah 264-2629 Pagosa Springs
Southwest Veterinary Service Jeff Warren 247-9414 La Plata County, Pagosa Springs, Mancos
Stange, DVM (Eastern-Western Vet Med) Karlene Stange 385-7787 La Plata County, Pagosa Springs, Mancos
Websites and Newsletters
Colorado Horse Contact (Member Newsletter)
CSU Extension Services (Various publications) 
Dream Horse (Horses for Sale)
HighLine (member newsletter of the 4CBCH) Larry Zauberis 247-3231 -- general interest
Horse HotLine (Free Newsletter by request) Barb Headley email request to:
Rocky Mountain Horse Expo
Youth Resources and Activities
CSU Equine Extension Programs
Durango Pony Club Jennifer Thurston 385-4063
4-H CSU Extension Services, Durango 247-2308
FFA Robert Ortiz, Durango High School 259-1630