Colorado Horse Galloping

Agriculture & Rural Life
General Information CSU Cooperative Extension 247-2308 
General Information La Plata County Info site
General Information USDA Farm Service Agency 247-9277
General Information USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service 259-3289, 563-1078
Grazing Leases Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners (303) 866-3454
Hay Certification & Producer Index Colorado Dept of Ag, Division of Plant Industry (303) 239-4149
Livestock (“Brand”) Inspections Livestock Inspection
     La Plata & Montezuma Counties Durango, Cortez 565-7280
     Archuleta County Archuleta County 264-5959
Wildlife Interface, Hunting & Fishing Colorado Division of Wildlife 247-1845
Arenas, Indoor or Covered
 Equine Liability Signs Colorado Horse Council
La Plata County Fairgrounds Durango 247-2308
Montezuma County Fairgrounds  Cortez 565-1000
Sky Ute Event Center Ignacio 563-4502
Wild Horse Equestrian Center Ignacio 883-5555
Conservation Easements
 Colorado Open Lands (303) 694-4994
Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts (303) 271-1577
La Plata Open Space Conservancy 259-3415
Integrated Land Management
Evaluation, resource planning Colorado Department of Natural Resources 259-4587
Fence Law Colorado Dept of Ag Livestock Inspection Div (303) 239-4100
Fly Control M & R Durango, Inc. Insectary 800-526-4075
General information land management CSU Cooperative Extension 247-2308 
Holistic Land Management National Sustainable Agriculture Information Svc Funded by USDA
Irrigation System Design USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service 259-3289, 563-1078
Land Help Planning
Living with Wildlife Colorado Division of Wildlife (Southwest Region) 247-0855
Pasture Health USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service 259-3289, 563-1078
Pasture Health CSU Cooperative Extension Services 247-2308
Watershed Management Colorado’s Water Quality Control Act.  Watershed Management
Weed Control CSU Extension Services 247-2308
Weed Control La Plata County Weed Control 247-2308
Weed Control Colorado Weed Management Association
Historic Preservation and Archeology
Colorado Conservation, Inc. (303) 893-4260
Colorado Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation (303) 866-3395
La Plata County Government
Info Line 385-4636
Animal Control 385-2900
Building Department 970-382-6250
Community Development Services Land Use  970-382-6263
Courthouse 1060 East Second Ave., Durango 382-6200
Fairgrounds 2500 N. Main Ave., Durango 247-2308
Office of Emergency Management 1060 E. 2nd Avenue, Durango 382-6274
Road and Bridge 247-2617
Frequently Asked Questions Resource Guide
Life Safety Services ~ Dial 911 for acute emergencies and immediate help!
Hospital: Mercy Regional 247-4311
Urgent Care 247-8382
Sheriff's Office: La Plata County 247-1157
BP Production  247-6800
Mineral Mining Questions Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) (888)235-1101
Mark Weems, COGCC Durango Area 385-7832
Mineral Ownership Questions (COGCC) La Plata County 382-6296
Archuleta County 264-8350
Montezuma County 565-3728 x102 or 103
Mineral Rights and Mining Questions Colorado Division of Minerals & Geology 247-5193
Oil & Gas Consultant for Land Owners Mike Finney, Finney Land Co. 259-5691
Red Willow Production 563-5100
Williams Inc., Ignacio Plant Stergie Katirgis, Manager 385-3815
Private or Non-Profit Agencies
Colorado Horse Council CO Equine Liability Signs 303-292-4981
Colorado Horse Development Authority Horse industry education and resource 303-292-4981
La Plata County Humane Society 1111 S. Camino del Rio, Durango 259-2847
San Juan Citizen's Alliance 259-3583
San Juan Mountains Association 15 Burnett Court, Durango  385-1210                     
Property Features
Geologic Hazards Colorado Geological Survey 800-945-0451
Maps La Plata County Geographic Information Site (GIS) 382-6226
Soils Testing USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service 259-3289, 563-1078
Wetlands USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service 259-3289, 563-1078
Wetlands Association of State Wetlands Managers
Public Lands
Bureau of Land Management Durango 247-4082 15 Burnett Ct., Durango
United States Forest Service
     San Juan National Forest 15 Burnett Court, Durango 247-4874
     San Juan National Forest Columbine District (Local) 884-2512 367 Pearl St., Bayfield
     Uncompaghre National Forest
     Weminuche Wilderness
Septic permits San Juan Basin Health  281 Sawyer Dr. 247-5702
Septic system regulations
Colorado State Water Agencies Colorado State Water Agencies
La Plata County Groundwater & Water Wells Brochures available Water Rights
Water quality issues San Juan Basin Health  281 Sawyer Dr. 247-5702
Water quality issues Colorado Department of Public Health
Water quality issues Environmental Protection Agency, Region 8 800-227-8917
Water rights Colorado Division of Water Resources, Denver 303-866-3581
Water well & pond permits Colorado Division of Water Resources 247-1845
Wildfire Mitigation
Office of Emergency Management 1060 E. 2nd Avenue, Durango 382-6274
Natural Resources Conservation Services 31 Suttle St., Durango 259-3289, 563-1078
Colorado State Forest Service 247-5250
Southwest Conservation Corps 259-8607