Horses On Durango Ranch

Agriculture, General Resources for Reading
Home pages with resources to browse and download:
Colorado State University Small Acreage Management Program Colorado State University
Cooperative Extension Services Colorado State University
Cooperative Extension Services New Mexico State Western Region
Cooperative Extension Services University of Nevada
"Horsekeeping" Cherry Hill
Landowning, Colorado Style Colorado State Forest Service Landowning Colorado Style
Natural Resources Online Fact Sheets CSU Cooperative Extension
Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
USDA National Agricultural Library
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services 259-3289, 563-1078; 31 Suttle St., Durango
USDA Technical Resources
Arena and Barns
Home Sweet Barn Les Selnow (free site registration required)
Horse Stable and Riding Arena Design Eileen Wheeler, U of PA Blackwell Publishing Professional (2006)
The Equine Arena Handbook Robert Malmgren Alpine Publications (1999)
Books, brochures and articles of general scope
Horsekeeping on Small Acreage Cherry Hill
La Plata Country Life La Plata County Planning Department La Plata County Planning Department 382-6263; 1060 E. 2nd Ave., Durango
Little Land, Big Challenge Summer Best The American Quarter Horse Journal Feb '06
Living on the Land: Stewardship for Small Acreages Susan Donaldson et al University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Stewardship Booklet
Rural Living in La Plata County USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service 259-3289, 563-1078; 31 Suttle St., Bodo Park, Durango
Small Ranch Manual (Publication EB-95-02) Susan Donaldson et al University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Small Ranch Manual
Small Ranch Projects Guide
Equine Liability Statutes
Colorado Statutes
Equine Liability Signs Colorado Horse Council
Horses & The Law Julie I. Fershtman  Horses & The Law Publishing (866) 5-EQUINE (537-8463)
Fly Control
Fly Control Cherry Hill Fly Control
Horse Health and Management
CSU Equine Sciences Division Articles archive
Preparing Your Horse for Winter Lydia Gray, DVM (public access allowed)
Ranch Horse Management (Fact Sheet 98-21) Al Cirelli Jr.  University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Responsible Horse Care for Winter and Summer (FSA3031) Steven M. Jones, Ext Horse Specialist U of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture search archives at:
Suburban Horse Keeping (Fact Sheet 94-09) Al Cirelli Jr., B. Cloud University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Integrated Land Management
Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision Making Allan Savory, Jody Butterfield Island Press, 1999
Managing the Forest Colorado State Forest Service
Horse Manure Management JG Davis and AM Swinker CSU Cooperative Extension, Bulletin 1.219
Manure Management Cherry Hill Manure Management
Manure Management Planner (software, for large operations) Purdue University Agronomy Department
Manure- Nutrient or Nuisance  JB Campbell University of Nebraska
Durango Herald Archives
So, A Coalbed Methane...Well is Coming to Your Property Downloadable pamphlet San Juan Citizens Alliance
Typical Questions...about Oil & Gas Development Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission
Who Owns the West?  Searchable database of leases Environmental Working Group
Strategies for Livestock Management in Riparian Areas Terrell T. Baker et al NMSU Cooperative Extension Services
Intermountain Pasture & Hay Meadow Handbook University of Nevada Extension Services
Pasture Management Articles CSU Equine Extension Pasture Management Articles
Pasture Management for Horses on Small Acreages P Aravis CSU Cooperative Extension, Bulletin 1.627
Pasture Management for Horses on Small Acreages Sharp Seed Co. Sharp Seed Pasture Management
Pasture Recommendations for Small Acreages...New Mexico Contact San Juan County Extension Agent
Public Lands
Four Corners Back Country Horsemen
San Juan Mountains Association Bookstore 15 Burnett Court, Durango 385-1210                     
USFS Maps and brochures
Rural Life
Code of the West John Clarke, former Larimer (CO) county commissioner Code of the West
Colorado Drinking Water EPA/Colorado Private Drinking Wells
Colorado Water Center
Colorado Water Rights Water Information Program
How Well Do You Know Your Water Well Plateau and CDS Environmental Services La Plata County Water Well Brochure.pdf
Southwest Colorado Groundwater & Water Wells Brochures available online and by mail
Watershed Management and Protection
Colorado’s Water Quality Control Act.  CO Dept Public Health Water Quality Control Standards
Watershed Management Warner College (Colorado State)
Websites of General Interest
"The Horse" -   magazine online Free registration for access to articles
Colorado's Poisonous Menace CO Dept of Agriculture, et al 259-3289, 563-1078; 31 Suttle St., Durango Available through NRCS, Durango
Colorado Weed Management Association Publications available
Denver Botanic Gardens Library Searchable reference database for native species information
La Plata County Weed management Downloadable articles and links
Natural Resources Online Fact Sheets CSU Cooperative Extension
North American Weed Free Forage Project, Standards North Am. Weed Management Program Weed Standards
Weed Management for Small Rural Acreages (Pub #3.106) KG Beck CSU Cooperative Extension
Weeds of the West Tom D. Whitson, Ed. University of Wyoming Press
Wildfire Mitigation
Protect Your Home...from Wildfire Colorado State Forest Service
Colorado State Forest Service
American Youth Horse Council Various resources available
Introduction to Horse Management Purdue University Cooperative Extension
Responsible Horse Care American Youth Horse Council

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